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8ft Riley Renaissance Snooker Table

8ft Riley Renaissance Snooker Table





• Manufactured from only the finest Sapele Mahogany and selected hard woods throughout the table.
• West of England Strachan 6811 cloth provided as standard
• Club cut slate as used in top snooker clubs throughout the world
• Highest quality premium slate – laser cut, three piece and 4.5cm thick
• Pocket leathers made from hand selected English Cow hide leather

• Premium Riley CAT1 Rubber cushion material for consistent bounce and maximum lifespan​

Renaissance is the work horse of the Riley range. Strong, durable, excellent value for money. Best in its class. Will compete with any entry level snooker table in the world. Mainly used in clubs.

The Renaissance also graces many homes around the world. Riley build tables to last. Riley believe we should offer models within our range that all consumers around the world should be able to access regardless of budget. So again the Renaissance may not be the cheapest in its class but it is the best. When a table is this good, why compromise?

​Sizes available: 12', 10', 9' and 8'

PriceFrom 48٬500٫00AED
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Made In Great Britain - Since 1897