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10ft Riley Grand Snooker Table

10ft Riley Club Snooker Table





• Manufactured from only the finest selected hard woods throughout the table
• West of England Strachan 6811 cloth provided as standard
• Club cut slate as used in top snooker clubs throughout the world
• Highest quality premium slate – laser cut, five piece and 4.5cm thick
• Pocket leathers made from hand selected English Cow hide leather
• Premium Riley CAT1 Rubber cushion material for consistent bounce and maximum lifespan​

The Riley Club was created to reproduce the key elements for which Riley tables, past and present, are world renowned.

Made in England, the Riley Club combines  tradition with contemporary styling, delivering a new generation of table that will fit into any environment.

Designed with the club market in mind, Riley have created a look and style that will enhance any club or indeed grace any billiard room, where budget is more of a focus.

We manufacture this table in England, using the production methods that we have developed continuously over more than 100 years. Attention to detail, quality, precision - the trademarks of an English made Riley table and now available at prices to suit everybody.

Sizes available: 12', 10', 9' and 8'.

PriceFrom 56٬500٫00AED
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Made In Great Britain - Since 1897